thrifting pigs and cleaning closets

You have to crush the skull. Basically, I got another reason to NOT save money.
You know what, guys? I'm on summer vacation, which means I've got all time in the world to do what I want to do! Like thrifting and cleaning! Okay, the last one maybe wasn't quite right, but I can assure you that my closet looks waay better now.

It's always a lot more fun to organize the closets these days, because I can really see all the fun combinations which I'm not aware of otherwise, since I'm busy finding anything in the mess. I really should do this more than three times a year, but I'm too lazy for that haha.

About thrifting! I bought this awesome LP-record with ABBA the other day (which is kind of stupid since I don't own anything to play it on BUT WHO CARES?!? sorry), and right now it's standing on my drawer. Just felt like saying that. Because it's awesome.


Postat av: djmoze

Lust med ett länk byte?
det hade varit fett .
hör av dig genom att kommentera på min blogg.
ha' det najs .

2012-06-22 @ 22:17:12

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