Just 4 picture that explains what I've been doing lately.
Upper left:  Me and my friends on a picnic we had the other day. Aren't they adoooorableee?
Upper right:I visited my grandma yesterday and I just though the porcelain and table cloth matched so... yeah haha.
Bottom right: I got a bunch of old interior magazine from my grandma so I've been reading it ever since we got home haha. They're from 69' to 83' and it's sooo interesting. Some things are really inspiring and all that and then there's stuff that's... extra interesting. Haha, I'll show you guys later.
Bottom right: Ok, so here's the story. I was just hanging around last night when I noticed that there was COWS!!!!!! I decided to go visit them (I mean hellooo, coooows), but when I got there I noticed that they had gone away. What to do? JUMP INTO THE PASTURE OFCOURSE (I like cows)So yeah, I went closer and closer to them, but they just ran away from me (sadface), but then they stopped so I could take photos of them. I tried to go even closer, but then they looked at me in an angry way so I was like ''OK, imma leave now''. And that's the story about me and the cows.


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