porcelain collars

Saw these wonderful porcelain collars at Elsa's blog, and felt like I had to share.
They're made by a duo consisting of an illustrator named Madalina Andronic and a designer named Claudiu Stefan, with inspiration from romanian folklore. Together the duo also sell wonderful bracelets and other things in the same style. They call it  ''the Awesome Project'', and well - I agree Aren't they just beautiful?

ulyana sergeenko's upcoming collection

Ulyana Sergeenko is showing her AW 2012-2013 collection on the 3rd July and I'M EXCITED. I've been a fan of this wonderful woman's couture for quite a long time now, so I reaaaally look forward to it. Ulyana is famous for making haute couture with inspiration from traditional russian clothes and movies, and I really can't wait to see what she has come up with now.
The collage is a mix between Ulyana Sergeenko's previous collections and herself in streetstyle photographs.

today's outfit

Hey guys. Just got home from town, where I shopped a birthday present to a friend of mine. I hate doing it, because when it comes to buying gifts my imigination dissapeared at the age of 10 haha. I think I did good.
However, todays outfit!
The bomberjacket is from the second hand-store Episode in Amsterdam,
the skirt and shirt is from Monki and the creepers are from H&M.


Just 4 picture that explains what I've been doing lately.
Upper left:  Me and my friends on a picnic we had the other day. Aren't they adoooorableee?
Upper right:I visited my grandma yesterday and I just though the porcelain and table cloth matched so... yeah haha.
Bottom right: I got a bunch of old interior magazine from my grandma so I've been reading it ever since we got home haha. They're from 69' to 83' and it's sooo interesting. Some things are really inspiring and all that and then there's stuff that's... extra interesting. Haha, I'll show you guys later.
Bottom right: Ok, so here's the story. I was just hanging around last night when I noticed that there was COWS!!!!!! I decided to go visit them (I mean hellooo, coooows), but when I got there I noticed that they had gone away. What to do? JUMP INTO THE PASTURE OFCOURSE (I like cows)So yeah, I went closer and closer to them, but they just ran away from me (sadface), but then they stopped so I could take photos of them. I tried to go even closer, but then they looked at me in an angry way so I was like ''OK, imma leave now''. And that's the story about me and the cows.

summer playlist

Decided to make a summer playlist and share it with you guys! It's full of (great) songs which atleast I associate with summer. Hope you enjoy!
-> Summertimes <-

flowers and swedish design

in this photo: Carl Larssson painting, Karin & Carl Larsson's home, 3x unknown
''One hundred days after childhood'', Audrey Hepburn, unknown
My two favorite things right now: flowers and swedish design. More specifically - Karin Larssons design. I think it's so interesting how just one person can change how we look at swedish design 150 years later.

happy midsummer

ph: Martina Stichlinova
Hi guuuys! Just wanted to pass by to wish you a happy midsummer. Or as we say in sweden: glad midsommar!
I'm not really that much of a fan of this tradition, so I'll just keep it simple. Besides, I couldn't fall asleep last night so I don't feel that well haha... I'm gonna die...

space oddity

ph: various tumblr-blogs

modekungen, €42.86 and €45.13

thursday's outfit

jacket - wranglers (episode), tights - topshop, creepers - h&m

outfit and Lula #14

blouse/blazer - thrifted, skirt - monki, tights - topshop, creepers - h&m, broche - no idea

Just today's outfit. Had completely forgotten about those tights haha.

Anyway! I bough the new issue of Lula for the first time when I was in Amsterdam, and I LOVE IT.

Seriously now - I have seen soo many bloggers that praise that magazine, but I still haven't bough it before?!?! Such a bad decision.

Shall we take a look?

Editorial which reminds me of traditional russian clothing and therefore Ulyana Sergeenko = awesome.

60s makeup! Because deep down, we all want to look like Twiggy.

Highlighted bushy eyebrows. ♥

Great article about how fashion really is about creating a world that is just a bit more fun than this one.


Extremely pretty, and I really don't have any more comments on this one.

Pastel easter.

It's all so pretty and ahh.

I think this one's my favorite though. That jacket has to be the most awesome jacket ever.

When we're on the subject of awesome clothing: DAT HAT.

Also, there's an interview with Lesley Gore. Yeah, I know.

And to wrap it all up - a supercool beach editorial.

I didn't have time to look much further in this issue when I took these photos, but I promise you that there's some serious eye candy in this magazine. Can't wait to get my hands on the next one!

Switchblade Sisters - Since Yesterday

thrifting pigs and cleaning closets

You have to crush the skull. Basically, I got another reason to NOT save money.
You know what, guys? I'm on summer vacation, which means I've got all time in the world to do what I want to do! Like thrifting and cleaning! Okay, the last one maybe wasn't quite right, but I can assure you that my closet looks waay better now.

It's always a lot more fun to organize the closets these days, because I can really see all the fun combinations which I'm not aware of otherwise, since I'm busy finding anything in the mess. I really should do this more than three times a year, but I'm too lazy for that haha.

About thrifting! I bought this awesome LP-record with ABBA the other day (which is kind of stupid since I don't own anything to play it on BUT WHO CARES?!? sorry), and right now it's standing on my drawer. Just felt like saying that. Because it's awesome.


Hii guys!

So, new blog then. For those who got here from my last blog: Sorry for the changes, but this will be a lot better (promisessss). For new readers: HIIIIIII!!!! (actually, hi to everyone)


My name is Felicia Ubbesen, and i'm a fifteen year old girl living in Sweden. My interests (read: obsessions) involve drinking tea, listening to 60s girl group, dancing streetdance, photographing, spazzing about brittish TV-series (shout out to Sherlock and Doctor Who)  and thrifting CLOOOOTHES. Seriously now. Clothes. I really like clothes.

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